GEFA Funded: The Butts County Water & Sewer Authority Completes Environmental Infrastructure Project

The Butts County Water & Sewer Authority serves Butts County and its three municipalities – Flovilla, Jackson, and Jenkinsburg. The Authority manages two water treatment plants, pumping and storage facilities, more than 250 miles of water distribution mains, and a wastewater treatment system serving the Interstate 75 corridor.

With more than 8,000 customers, the system experienced rapid growth for close to 20 years, which slowed during the recent recession. The Authority regularly tested its meters and, among other issues, discovered an average of 11 percent water loss throughout its system.

The Authority obtained $950,000 in funding from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, which qualified for a reduced interest rate as part of GEFA’s conservation financing initiative because the project conserves water. The Authority replaced 500 failing polybutylene service lines with copper service lines, and replaced 5,000 manual-read meters with an advanced automated meter reading (AMR) system. The AMR provides real time notification of leaks, tampering and no-flow situations, helping the Authority to conserve water and costs. Projects such as these ensure Georgians have a safe and adequate water supply.

Energy, land and water are all necessary for the state’s quality of life, as well as continued economic growth and development. Georgia is blessed with plentiful natural resources, but these resources must be preserved and protected for future generations to use and enjoy. GEFA’s mission is to protect those resources, as well as utilize taxpayer funds responsibly. The programs the agency develops, such as its conservation financing initiative, allows communities throughout the state to complete their own projects to conserve energy, land and water.

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