GEFA Funded: Hinesville Stormwater Infrastructure Improves the Environment

Bryant Commons is a park located southeast of downtown Hinesville, Ga., with a veteran’s memorial, walking trails, an open-air pavilion and a 1,500 seat amphitheater. The lake in the park is a popular spot for local residents, as well as visitors to the city. Hinesville is home to the Fort Stewart Military Museum, which focuses on the history of Fort Stewart, the 3rd and 24th Infantry Divisions, and its former use as an anti-aircraft training unit and prisoner of war camp during World War II.

The lake serves a dual purpose, however. It was constructed to retain and treat the stormwater runoff from downtown Hinesville. The city also modified the drainage structures in the downtown area to move runoff to this common location and avoid untreated stormwater runoff flowing into area streams. The stormwater affected creeks and rivers in the area because streams within the Coastal Plain are prone to low-dissolved oxygen due to the very low gradient of the streambed, the flat terrain and the high oxygen demand from native plants and animals.

The lake and subsequent projects have improved the oxygen levels in local creeks and rivers, making the environment more favorable to aquatic life. The lake project in Bryant Commons is an example of GEFA’s commitment to protecting the state’s most precious natural resources; its water, land and ecosystem.

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