DeKalb County Reduces Stormwater Runoff in Mason Mill Park

This project protects water quality and improves park aesthetics.

Mason Mill Park is located in DeKalb County along the banks of the South Fork Peachtree Creek and Burnt Fork Creek. The tributary of the Burnt Fork Creek flowing through the park experienced a high degree of streambank erosion and habitat degradation due to increased runoff from high-density development up-stream.

DeKalb County’s approach to solving the erosion issues in the park and improving water quality in South Fork Peachtree Creek included both streambank restoration and stormwater treatment and infiltration facilities. A stormwater infiltration area was constructed next to the DeKalb Tennis Center to handle runoff from the impervious courts. The runoff in this area is either infiltrated into the groundwater or flows into the creek after filtration. This constructed water quality facility blends in to the surrounding landscape and has a positive effect on the overall aesthetics of the park.

The streambed was reconstructed using native stone, and the county recreated the creek’s natural flow patterns. Debris and downed trees were removed from the streambank and native grasses were planted.

GEFA-funded projects help improve and protect water quality, which safeguards public health and ensures quality of life.

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