Pine Lake Invests in Stormwater Infrastructure

In the late 1930s, Pine Lake in DeKalb County, Georgia, situated on less than a mile of land, was a premier weekend fishing getaway for Atlanta's elite. Today the city has a population of 690 and is home to many local, regional and nationally-known artists, musicians and writers.

Snapfinger Creek runs through the city and a portion of the creek is diverted to form Pine Lake. Rainfall on the southern two-thirds of the city runs into Pine Lake. The rainfall in the northern third of the city is infiltrated into the ground using green stormwater infrastructure.

Pine Lake experienced a decrease in overall water quality as impervious surfaces increased in the areas surrounding the city. In addition to the deterioration of water quality, the lake experienced flooding and silt accumulation from flows originating outside of the city’s jurisdiction.

The city sought to improve Pine Lake’s water quality by increasing the storage capacity of the lake and constructing and restoring wetlands upstream of the lake. Pine Lake also completed wetland and streambank restoration work along Snapfinger Creek. The restoration of the natural wetland habitat and stream flow patterns helped increase and diversify the wildlife in the area. The city also built trails and boardwalks along the lake and creek, which have become a favorite recreational area for residents in the city and surrounding areas.

Pine Lake is an example of how GEFA-funded projects help improve water quality, safeguard public health and improve an area’s ecosystem

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