Water Supply & Protection

A ready supply of clean water is essential to grow and sustain communities, industry, and agriculture.  In addition to the need to ensure and protect adequate water supplies for human activities, it is necessary to protect instream flows and groundwater reserves to preserve the environmental services, such as wasteload assimilation, as well as support environmentally based economic activities such as fishing and boating. Economic development is dependent on the availability of water, and protecting and wisely using the limited supplies in the state is important for future growth.

Protecting and Maintaining Water Supply - Clayton County Water Authority

Case Studies

Rivers Alive clean up events help protect water quality.

Rivers Alive is Georgia's annual volunteer waterway cleanup event and it targets all waterways in the State including streams, rivers, lakes, beaches, and wetlands. The mission of Rivers Alive is to create awareness of and involvement in the preservation of Georgia's water resources. Rivers Alive is held annually each fall and is a program of the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.

Protecting water quality in Henry County

For a number of years, Henry County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.  This rapid growth has led to the need for additional and expanded policies and procedures for protection of our natural resources.  With many areas in the county being without public sewer, and rapid land development in those areas, interest in private sewage disposal systems serving more than one parcel or tract of land developed.  After careful thought and investigation, it was determined that owners of such private sewage disposal system may lack the ability to respond to or repair deficienci