Henry County and Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority’s Water Quality Protection Efforts

Protecting water quality in Henry County

For a number of years, Henry County has been one of the fastest growing counties in the nation.  This rapid growth has led to the need for additional and expanded policies and procedures for protection of our natural resources.  With many areas in the county being without public sewer, and rapid land development in those areas, interest in private sewage disposal systems serving more than one parcel or tract of land developed.  After careful thought and investigation, it was determined that owners of such private sewage disposal system may lack the ability to respond to or repair deficiencies on a twenty-four hour/three hundred sixty five day per year basis, increasing the likelihood of environmental harm.

As a result of this information, Henry County and the Henry County Water & Sewerage Authority (HCWSA) enacted an amendment to a local ordinance to disapprove such private sewage disposal systems, keeping sewer system location decisions in the hands of the Henry County Board of Commissioners and HCWSA, preventing the likelihood of poor installation and undue stress on roads, schools, and water supplies by unplanned growth.

Henry County and HCWSA also have another very progressive ordinance that helps to assure the quality of our public drinking water.  Realizing that the ability of natural systems to filter stormwater runoff can be threatened by unrestricted urban and suburban development, and that stormwater runoff, particularly from impervious surfaces, can introduce toxicants, nutrients, and sediment into drinking water supplies, making water treatment more complicated and expensive and rendering water resources unusable, a Watershed Protection Ordinance was adopted.  In this ordinance, measures were adopted to protect the quality and quantity of the present and future water supply of Henry County, to minimize the transport of pollutants and sediment to the water supply, and to maintain the yield of the water supply watershed.

The above mentioned measures, along with the superior working relationship between Henry County and HCWSA help Henry County to continue to be a model of environmental stewardship for the area.

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